Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Hard Drive 'incident' appears resolved.....

...other than the half a TB of boots i lost. i saved the other 500 gigs....
Been slowly transferring all of it to my new HD.. see. just after i posted the Jimi iz when it all happened..
so i hadda lot more boots to post but all the link addresses were on the *corrupted* drive. so they're there, at MU.. but couldnt tell U where tho ;-)
Gotta start over.
CU all soon..

Oh i should for SURE mention. Rocket over at Hear Rock City was kind enough 2 pass my way the entire  beetles 'Ultra Rare Trax' series.. (an what a frikkin series it is... it's bloody classic.. a MUST HAVE!!!!)  an im gonna have MU links for y'all, soon .. the original links have gone the 'way of the HD' so gonna reupload soon......  any favorite hosters any of y'all like?. i'd go with MU, meself.. theyve changed from being chintsy on time to being real solid for free users.
So THANK YOU ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS oh forgot  2 say.... in FLAC....... of course..

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