Monday, June 13, 2011

Windows and OSX on the same desk top

Since I've had so much trouble with all these supposedly 'easy ' programs such as Parallels, and wine doesnt work right (butr wine wrapper sure does..)..
I fooled around with virtual Box.. and now with the click of an icon on the taskbar, i've either got the windows desktop icons, or the mac one.. both of the taskbars are always there in any case, transparently..

I have it in an animated GIf, but it's such a pain trying to add one to blogger, it appears you need a photobucket account and it's fu*ked.. it keeps saying my 'zipcode' is wrong.. stupid piece of shit.. we don't *have* zipcodes in Canada..
Here's my desktop.. it would be a lot easier to understand if it were an animated gif as then you'd see that the desktops are perfectly aligned...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Aint this kewl?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

In case i still have readers..

I will impose on y'all..
I went and left negative feed back on an ebay form.. something i am loath to do..
I felt lousy about it..
But it was not an error that could have been resolved..
The items in question were misrepresented...

Specifically, they were compilation CD-roms, the type you get in mark down bins, or free with a video card, but portrayed as the retail items with pictures to match.. and prices in line with such..

This one seller had three items like this..
And upon receiving them..i realized i could have probably complained to the vendor.. and perhaps received a make-up.. but had i done this, since it was clearly intentional, ands not in any way a 'mistake'. the vendor would have simply continued the practice with the next person.

By leaving Feedback in this way, i likely forced his hand in making truer representations of the items for sale..
You can probably guess that he was NOT pleased, on reading the feedback..

and what's worse, he raised the 'guilt' factor as he obligingly corrected an addressing mistake during the transaction, an error all of my own making...

Waddya'll think.. is it worth the hassle to try, in some small way , to make the world a little bit better for someone else..or should i just have stayed out of his business, and just left good feedback like everybody else does, regardless of the circumstances of the transaction?

Keep in mind that if it was simply a matter of personal dissatisfaction, I would never have left this feedback, but as it was clear that it was intentional misrepresentation (perhaps the vendor didn't think it significant to mention that it was NOT, as it was portrayed, either in the description, or the picture...)..
Should I have minded my own business, as everybody does these days?

Friday, June 3, 2011

I am making a post at my pinball blog..

Which is getting more attemtion than here.. but then.. that's not saying much...;-)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011