Monday, January 31, 2011

a bran new compooter

yup.. im writing this on a ..brrrr..! ..peecee ...a  Vista one too.. but so far it's not been a bad expereince.. we'll see.. maybe it's cause i'm a mac guy , but i think vista looks pretty good. and i can see my 'followers' tab again..
Later yall.......

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Freudian ... err...entanglement?

I was reading this page over at popular science, on quantum teleportation and entanglement, and ran into agraph that only got one 'oy nudge nudge wink wink' comment.... it was immediately apparent to me ;-).. burt then i aint been getting any lately (sigh)..


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hold it.. it's... Mister.... Hee Haw?

Yup... it sho' is.. and a finer gittar picker you'll not see.
I'm of course talking about the one & only Mr. Roy Clark..

This album is a really rare Pickwick compilation that has some of his early 60's Capitol instrumentals on it..
I received a request for one of the tracks on it, so i decided to also post the whole LP..
However, i found out while doing it that I am , apparently missing a track.(Let Me Talk To You). i have no idea what happened to it.. but i no  longer have the LP as i lost a few due to fire.. so I can't replace it..
It's possible that if it wasn't an instrumental,  i didn't record it off the album ..but at any rate, its missing, so I've added a bonus track to this rip


A real Fireballs Curiosity...

Although this one is listed on the Fireball's website discography pages, there's no information about it.. and it will never see any kind of reissue.. seeing as it only has four lesser known Fireballs songs, and one Jimmy Gilmer curiosity.. and four tracks by an unknown band, the Sugar Shackers.
As to who the Sugar Shackers were is anybody's guess.. near as i could find out, from a friend from New Mexico who wuz there, is they were some kind of 'Pick Up' band that got used as padding on budget labels who didn't have enough rights for a whole album release..
.. This record does have one unique track though, that appears here and NOWHERE else, and that is a unique version of 'True Love Ways' by, at least, Gilmer, and possibly also the Fireballs,.. with full vocal chorus backing..
 I had all the fireballs albums on vinyl, and my copy of this was stone mint.. till it got destroyed by fire.. Glad i took a photo !

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

JLH on Crown Part two...

And here it is..
IMHO, the cover's better than the contents.
I once heard John Lee Hooker described as 'a bit of a con artist', and you know , i'd have to least at certain times..Admittedly, when he was on, he was 'cooking with gas' as he liked to say..
but.... well.. some of his stuff.. if you play it for someone and then tell him this was the 'King' of the boogie .. youll get that kind a look reserved for someone been dropped on their head at birth ;-) (like my mum always joked about me..!) it is anyways

More JLH.. on Crown ..

These may not rank alongside JLH's best work, but they sure are rare.. so it's worth posting.. and frankly, i just love the covers..

Ceown records made a whole series with cover shots like this for  several of their artists.. Modern/RPM, actually, as Crown was a budget offshoot of Modern's.
Nevertheless, i have fond memories of the Crown records.. despite their exceptionally crappy sound.

Firstly, that was how you got all of B.B.. King's  early stuff on album.. and the stereo ones were even in colored vinyl..! ..Despite those being even noisier pressings.. i might add ;-(...
Other albums that used this type of cover design were at least an Elmore James one ..'All Night Blues' or something like that.. i cant exactly recall, and also a Howlin Wolf one ,.. also called 'Sings The Blues'

Also, there was a second series.. which I'll save for a future post.. that consisted of the FAZZIO art.. i think whoever 'Fazzio' was, he was a great artist, and i like his covers .. I'll post a couple i've photographed as soon as I can find the original photos.. and also one of his JLH ones.
Although i made a point of trying to photograph each album i managed to collect before I sold them, I dent get to all of them.. I did however make a point of doing all the Crown /Fazzio ones though.
 I'l post a JLH one in my next post and also put up a Fireballs cover on the side here...

 Anyways, this one is John Lee Hooker Sings The Blues.. 1960

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Haw Haw Haw Haw... Boogie... Chillen

So this ones quite nice in stereo.. i have to say .. ya just get  tired of mono.. and lets face it .. if god didn't want us to listen in surround sound he wouldn't a given us 3 ears..

so prop up all a yer ears  to hear the sounds from this here

Let's Twist with B.B.

Yup.. another oddity.. and naw.... they're no more 'twist' songs than the ones on "surfing' with Freddy King are.. well.. surf music..
but .. back in the day...every label hadda get on the bandwagon.. right? did Crown...
But since you'll never be able to buy it .. you can hear it here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Warning!! Stones Bootleg Alert !! Low bitrate mp3 sourced FLACs!!!

The recent FLAC of 'Got to be worked on' that's making the rounds (originally at IORR) is ripped directly fromn a 192 kbit mp3 source.. i can accept that under certain reasons an upsample fromn 320 kb is acceptable,  but never a 192..  as the natural response for anyone upgrading with flac is to erase their mp3's.. and erasing 320 kb for 192 is NOT a good deal.

Friday, January 7, 2011

C'mon Baby let's do the Twang.....

Here's one that y'all probobly don't have, and certainly not in true stereo,, available here only! Not only have both the audio and art been restored to pre-production levels, many of these tracks are in true stereo for the first time..
I rather like it.. sounds really good in headphones.
Pity you cant buy it anywhere.. but you can hear it here