Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BAck to the music?

This started out as a (my) music blog.. due to the complete lack of action.. used to get 100 hits a day, now is 100 hits a year.. think I'm gonna call in some favors,  and also beg, from those who dont owe me nuttin'..
All to direct traffic to my cassette collecting blog, because this one is *almost* ded..
as soon as he gets over his 'bug'.. the fella whose got my DAT. (my ole Bass player , an also the 'Bells' bassist, and Ocean's bassist,. and Ronnie Hawkins' bassist) is transferring my only tape that survived the fire, to a readable format..

So here's hopping...!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Canada's politics finally hit the Big Time... RoboGate!

Yup.. you heard it called that here first.. we've got a *real* scandal now.. in the past governments here have been allowed to get away with everything.. I wonder if that will now change?


Hah!! I tole you so.. I just watched CTV news.. and they're now calling it.. wait for it.. ROBOGATE..

I COINED IT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
check my blog dates...

Monday, February 20, 2012

a sign of hope in this trashed world

I fear for Africa worse than other places in the world, really,, when you consider there's the very worst suffering there, and , despite being, in my opinion, the least deserved to suffer, of all the worlds nations..
So I smiled when I saw this... (sorry, no embed code)
You tube video of raised from the dead miracle..

However, in other news...

 There's way less hope for the slimeballs in te west..
Note the screenshot below:

Must be some nasty copyright infringement, or maybe porn? Nope...
Irregardless of whatever religion or faith you believe, you should be VERY worried this is going on.. this is the first solid proof of a video taken off SOLELY due to religious intolerance on the part of GOOGLE
In fact the "Violation" was ONLY a film about a young girl who died for 24 hours, and was shown heaven and hell,by Jesus... and came back to life.. She made this video, and has been giving it away FREE. No copyrightable media has been used in it in any way..
Botom line is, it's proof that DO NO EVIL is a fraud motto of google's..

Here's a site with a working link to the video..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whale of a bite...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everybody has a dying wish


Hey i bet even Jeff (when he can pull himself away from his '32 roadsters) always wanted it too
Aint it enuff?

Don't believe I'm right?
Try listening to 'Apache' again.. so go buy a copy then.. Hank and the boys aren't millionaires (although they oughta be rather than "Beyonce")
so thats my 2 bits.. typed on a keyboard wit ha;f the keys no ;onger working

Aint no pay in being good..
and Nibiru is coming in only a few more months.. so then it's all over folks..
.. the end of it all... again ! ...(for the umptieth time)
It's beyond a sad laugh.what a frikking waste of time, and talent, and human endeavour.. over and over again...
It's been worked out that it takes 5000 years for humanity, to recognize the truth, act on it, come to terms with it's inherent violence, grow past it's limitations , and understand the meaning of life, and the cosmos..

But WE ARE ALWAYS WIPED OUT EVERY 3600 YEARS and have to rebuild..
No wonder we're a pathetic unredeemable bunch of neandarthals

Oh.. it occured that maybe some of you ( all three readers of my blog ;-( )
Might not know what i was referring to ..
I HATE to ruin your day (and I mean this sincerely ) but you have to know..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My deepest sympathies to Cissy houston on her personal tragedy..

Unfortunately, the famous Sweet Inspirations singer Cissy Houston hAs been forgotton in this tragedy..I would like to extend my DEEPEST sympathies to her..
My prayers are with you..

With regard to Whitney's death, rumours are circulating about "prescription pill" poisoning.. From my understanding of the symptoms of her death, plus the fact that they were unable to revive her, I suspect, it was Methadone poisoning.
Because that's the big trend among physicians who "treat" entertainers for pain.. except it's got a very low safety margin, and if you overdose on it, your odds of coming out of it are slim to none..
We will see.. but remember, you heard it here first...
Maybe it's stop this insane trend to prescribe Methadone for every little ache..

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nukular Cold Cream

 Hyuk! Jes' Spred this Radyo Active creem for yore Beuattey to jes glow!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Please Don't forget To check out the Cassette Cover Art Gallery

The Cassette Cover Art Gallery has many hundreds of hard to find, and even extremely rare, cassette cover scans , just for curiosity's sake, or if you need to repair that cassette with a missing sleeve or tape label, and have given up finding a scan anywhere else,,
Also many interesting bits of  cassette trivia, and history, and who knows what else.
It's worth a minute..
See you there!

Tell your friends anemones
And please post a link on your blog site too

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do NO Evil? You jest sir..

It's official.. Satan now runs Google..

Words should not be Necessary

RIP freedom.. and it's never never never coming back..
Now that the American 4th Amendment is now officially scrapped, perhaps everybody should take a moment to reflect on this HORRENDOUS turn of events..
Now that it has been signed into law by the american President, and is legal for America to indefinitely detain and terminate (yes, KILL) it's own citizens without charges, trial, or any due process whatsoever, does anyone really think it has any moral authority left at all, as the world's bastions of liberty and freedom?