Sunday, February 28, 2010

F**k i think i just gone gay...!!!

....i seen a musical .. an i LIKED it ..
Now i use to live on Davie street in vancouver,.,..   an had a lot of 'wild side' gay friends. an beleive me when i say. ya can't have better peoplle as friends.a serious blast . i'm talkin about the 'flamin ' type, natch, that don't hide it at all.
But i aint got a gay bone NEVER liked musicals. an hey the old myth is true, they really do like em... i had a whole wall of em i collected just out of respect for my friends..cuz theyd ask me 2 put em on....
But 'Oliver' . 'the musical' wuz on. an i LOVED it!!!!!
an Ben hur before it. an now Clouseau is on.
damn TCM anyways...

My Hard Drive 'incident' appears resolved.....

...other than the half a TB of boots i lost. i saved the other 500 gigs....
Been slowly transferring all of it to my new HD.. see. just after i posted the Jimi iz when it all happened..
so i hadda lot more boots to post but all the link addresses were on the *corrupted* drive. so they're there, at MU.. but couldnt tell U where tho ;-)
Gotta start over.
CU all soon..

Oh i should for SURE mention. Rocket over at Hear Rock City was kind enough 2 pass my way the entire  beetles 'Ultra Rare Trax' series.. (an what a frikkin series it is... it's bloody classic.. a MUST HAVE!!!!)  an im gonna have MU links for y'all, soon .. the original links have gone the 'way of the HD' so gonna reupload soon......  any favorite hosters any of y'all like?. i'd go with MU, meself.. theyve changed from being chintsy on time to being real solid for free users.
So THANK YOU ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS oh forgot  2 say.... in FLAC....... of course..

Friday, February 26, 2010

sooo y'all think i aint been busy.............

Well fu**in Think again..
Soo far....
Monster road tech (Phil, (My GOOD Friend) iz a framer, gittar enthusiast, an a damn good all round construction pro.. i mean.. 34 frikkin years, after all. doin it..... so ya think he knows what 2 do?...
another 1, on the way, 4 y'all...........

soo ,, just 1 at a time for now.
CU soooon

.. i have no frikin ID wut my point was bout sayin this wuz., xcept its true...... thank god i dont fib just cuz i get drunk .... specialy online. (god that'd suk).......
so here i M on my second 26er of FIREBALL WISKY (just cracked it tho , so xpect miracles yet 2 cum)

Mod 60's Swinging London an Carnaby Street etc......

God i luv the whole vibe that was wrapped up in the presentaion of 'Swinging London'.
But ya know, it aint entirely Mythology..
There really WAS a subculture of 'Mod' and Swingin' ..partly the kool klubs, konsidering that was where it all kame together   (so ya, i like the kinks ... wanna make some thing of it ;-)...
burt the bands that glued the 'mod ' thing together......say........
Small Faces ( the Real Thihg)
. or.
Brian Auger. the guy that INVENTED trhe WHOLE 60's sound. No Shit....
Julie Driscoll.....
 an here we get 2 the meat of this gig


So heres a vid of 'Step inside love' . written by Paul McCartney for her, natch.
and i'll have a dozen outtakes of this very song up soon, folks...... an they're all real good and amazing sound quality ( i mean hey, they're right off the master reels).

R U happy now?

i sent a quik note 2 andrew loog oldham

' cuz he lives practically next door.....
can u think of ANYTHING f****ng kooler than being handled by the fu**er that started IMMEDIATE records. frankly. i wouldnt care if i hadda SINGLE gig outta it, just to say i wuz on his books!
Lets hope it pans out

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To stop profiteering off of traders' bootlegs... ROIO Effects. org...

So. you think it's a good idea?. since i know a lot of the roio community tune into here... i thought i'd post my idea here.. the address is open and registrable!  So as a site, not so much 'bad traders' but rather, a public BB for folks selling, say, on Ebay..   ... or in local stores. and ya know, they can be PRIME offenders. ANY ROIO that explicitly sez "DO NOT SELL"
I'm NOT talkin about Silvers like Sea Of Tunes, or Midnite Beat, or such. but any "For Trade Only" type, ya know that say '.er.. 'do not sell or convert to mp3'.. (and hey on that one , why it matters, another post coming...)
See, as much as it might stop the profitteering, it could also keep the labels off our collective bax...
Ya think? or not?
 It'd be a whole shitload of work, i'd bet, so would irt be worth it? Feedback , y'all...pleez..
Forget about it?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recently , another reply to me from A Fleetwood Mac guitarist

So , i wuz pissed... an on my ausdiocandy site  i put this..........
(ok my urgent message wuiz pretty harsh , biut TRUE)

>  Would some one pleeze write as fukk*ngg review of my S**T
> .. i dont care if ya say it's S**T or WHATEVER.. JUST SAY   SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Goddam
> dontcha know, if folks come by my page an dont see a single good
> or straight up comment. d'ya REALLY think they'rte gonna lissen
> 2 any of my S**t......Honest..........Woulld You???C'mon.....
> have a heart................I dont need ego strokin.. i just
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 so bob wrote.
Doc..Don't get upset by not getting"reviews"..I don't get "reviews" either...
Just go by how many listens you're getting......

I'll listen to some of yor stuff and comment...but remember, most people won't take the time...It's like filling out online "surveys"...
people don't like to bother..

Bob Welch

Friday, February 19, 2010

cassette culture an me.

aw man im in it again ... i thot i wouldnt go there anymore. but i ran into another source.. i've  been collecting cassetes for 30 years. an have lost all of em either in pawn, or stoled vehicles, or udder BS like such...... and i didn t think i'd  do it again....
a bud down the road....... (Regards 2 U John)
i got started again.
And my bud there has TRAVELLED.......
I got tapes frum Iran, Japan, Turkey, India, GB,

 I have GOT to get my scanner plugged in
So PLS stay tuned

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I haven't been completely faithful to my blog

...... but i told it so right from the start... one of the blogs i been playin around with is 'were late for class' and he has a really kool 'mashup' or whatever ya wanna call it.

Hey you know what. just listen.

The act you've known for all these years

Sunday, February 14, 2010

No i dont have a stuck key ;-)

So, Apxmarenfjtly a compwuer caihnt teall whzaxt i am wrhitvkg, but we can bechudsvdse our brxxns are mxoxre complysduaex..

go figure..

Happy new year...

Happy new year... 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pinball Time Out

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Beatles REALLY DID put hidden messages in their songs?

Mebbe this is old news to any beatlemaniac out there, but I didn't know if it was really true.. .
Here's Bruce Spizer's original article.. with a long commentary from Paul McCartney...
(I dont know if i can reprint it here).

Hmmm... i just checked the date of the article.... April 1st...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In The Studio 1967 -1970

Here's my First submission..this is kinda like a "sampler" of the "in The Studio set.. and its in mp3.. although i intend to mostly post flac, not every time.. even in mp3 its already almost 500 megs, so its on helluva 'sampler....
as you can see, the artwork is supperb.. it's part of the 'pinbalz' series  boots, 
and the artwork is always good on these,, (as is the quality of the music, i might add)
This is a KILLER Jimi Bootleg.. i aint postin it here no more tho.. cuz i aint really a bootleg blog.. i'll stick to the ultra hi quality RARE mega sets that ya just cant find anywhere else..not that this AINT high quality...the soud 'll kikk ya!

but i aint got it no more... here..
go see rocket at hear rock city.. i thought he were better suited cuz i read he had little super hi quality jimi....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


right here.. after a lotta soul searching i decided that just postin my stuff aint goin nowhere , cuz until folks actually hear it, they wouldnt have  a clue.. hey man.. according to Will Cardinal, my bass player for a year as well as being Ronnie Hawkin's old bass player, and Ocean's bassist too "You're a monster, the best guitarist I've ever played with.. you sound like Roy Buchanan"
That's a direct quote.
But nobody's listening to my shit.
........Sooo... i got bootlegs too.. and the BEST quality ones in available...
I'm talking ATM serties for hendrix.....
Unsurpassed Masters amd Time Trip for the Stones, plus a whole lotta Midnight Beat stuff..
and lotrs more soundboard stuff, lots of which i found on the web, but some of which aint NOBODY heard, like an (absolutely UNPUBLISHABLE)  radio interview with mick fleetwood about 'Tusk" and lotsa snide comments about everybody goin getting 'tusked' (i have the reel master, fior instance)..
... but i gotta dig thru some boxes for that kinda stuff.. and i just did a move so it's a challenge..
An of course i also got Beach Boys..
but i aint postin any of that here, i'll let the best dedicated sites like Warnakey, Linear Zap, and Lightman etc deal with that...(i'
Ive already submitted a few to Warnakey's site (Hi Eric!!)
An i got  more of the 'Pinballz ' series.. theyre not just Beach Boys but Jimi , Stones, and 'The Who' also, and man oh man ya wanna talk about quality!!
... That also means i'm gomna list a whole lot more links to other sites.. they're all just as good as Itsjustme 2.0 (that's ol' Dave at Quality Bootz, folks, in case your wunnering), or, or Hear Rock City, or Bootquake, or Collectors Only, and thats saying something, cuz if you haven't visited THOSE sites, you REALLY are missing out..
But if ya dont visit MY site  from now on, you'll be nissin out too....
So There...

Good shit comin soon