Monday, December 19, 2011

The Criminalization of the Internet

Looks like your american politians really *meant* it when they made statements like like "we can really learn a lot from china about how to control the internet" etc etc..
And Iran.. and any other models of democracy...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Back Again...

Well, any of you that were here in the beginning know, this started out as a music blog, to showcase my recordings done when I was still in the biz.. I (wrongly) thought there would be an interest out there for recordings featuring my not only playing all the instruments (keys gutars drums bass etc) as well as arranging and producing full studio quality albums at a cost of only 50$, on no more than a cassette deck..
Well, I know, now, nobody is at all interested as after 3 years i've had less that a dozen listens and almost no comments..
So instead, I've been just posting whatever interests me, lately, and that would be IMHO the things that really *matter*, as we'll all bite it some day, and anyways, things are never as they seem..
So another one here..
As some of you may know, the drug companies all over the world are working on taking off the shelves *all* herbnal remedies , the ones that really work, anyways.
If the Codex reg=ulation is fully implemented, anything that *works* will be banned until somebody pays the hundreds of thousands of dollars *per8 supplement to do multi year studies to prove they're both "safe and Effective"
Now they don't care about our healt.. they're just trying to rtemove the competjition,., so we have to pay for a 'pill' from THEM.
That'sa why they're only concerned with the supplements that actually WORK.. the garbage and bogus cures can stay, they're no threat..
If you ned proof.. here's the ultimate "expose" of the psychiatric pharmacy racket..
Sit back and be horrified..!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gezellig St. Nikolaas Daag!!

Almost forgot. for my Dutch friends.. (Hi Ron!)

Incidentally, my spell corrector doesn't speak dutch.. help on Gezellig? please?
OK it's the 4th on this blog, but it's the 5th in Holland