Sunday, December 15, 2013

On pickin a new "blues" name:

On pickin a new "blues" name:
By Ano Nymo Use…
The  Ho Use blues band had just finished playing… and...
Ol Sam Hopkins were talking to one of the ol blooz cats at "Peppers" lounge, and he were asked "Hey what you callin youself when you play, boy?" 
   "Why.. Samuel Hopkins… sir.."
"Hey , that just aint no good, boy!. You got to have a bloooz name.. he breathed just mighty slowly..
" Like T-Bone Walker.. or Howlin' Wolf.  An look at ol Muddy here? He gestured over at the lone figure standing at the bar,  who just turned and growled "please don't"  after a disappointingly quiet gig..
"think he wer *born* Muddy?
(a loud yell from the other table shouted "hey his mama say he were from the day he popped outa her" folowed by peals of laughter). I mean, boy, would you go see any blues cat name "McKinley'.. Sam replied forcefully" I don't think sso, sir.. soud like a classical folk aertist to me. More peals of laughter from the table on the corner, to which Mussy turned around "You all fired" "Hey you just done finish firing us last week, and the week before" "Ok y'aint fired . Just no more cracks.. tonight anyways". Muddy turned back to scratchin his head while trying to figure out some contract or another. Word was Peppers was gonna hire him full-time and wanted something on paper..
  "hey I gotta catch te bus here" Sam pointed out hurriedly"
" I just be in the middle of a real important thing for you playing and you just shootin off like lightnin' ? What you want?"
  "OK fine. Call me lightnin' then.. Still gotta go"

"Hey where that young cat you be talking to run off to all like that?"
 "Aw you mean young 'Lightnin' there? had a bus to catch"
 "Be here next jam session?'

 " Yeah"

Friday, December 13, 2013

Amazing what old newspapers used to write!

Unbelievable! The SF chronicle?! stated in 1908 "The woodsheds are still extremely hot, some 700 may not come out where the faggots are still flaming in what shall surely be remembered historically as the great San Francisco fire. "
And in a wee little book I have.. I swear.. you can't make this stuff up.. and these guys didn't have to, it was "already" there i.e. "all ready" there for them!