Friday, April 23, 2010

I hope to god i don't die

but im definitely gonna be away 4 a while... ..cuz i MIGHT... sorry brothers,.. sure sux.. don't it!!
but In case i kick it, I'm leaving everything i have played (an posted), so PD case i kick it......................................................
Pray 4 me, y'all ............PLEEZE

an check all my linx.. and especially Bob Welch.. an my AUDIOCANDY SITE,.........
Thanx yall

Thursday, April 15, 2010

OMG ! how many toes has i stepped on THIS tyme?

Though countless Rolling Stones zealots contend that the band's most compelling work bubbled to the top prior to 1973, the music department at Starbucks has unearthed a sundry collection of B-sides, live takes and unreleased studio recordings .....Cherry-picking from a selection many times larger than the 14 tracks presented ; accompanying compendium of liner notes and band member comments testify that the Rolling Stones still believe that rock and roll will never die...
(condensed 'amazon customer' notes)

(But here's MY own notes....)
but quote from above "rock and roll will never die" although as bill wymans dick found ... R+R players will! ...i mean ,... god ....ten thousand pre-teenys....accordintg to his OWN NOTES IN HIS BIO !!. frikkn diddler,, HOW CAN I LISSEN TO THE STONES AFTER THAT?

an worse,, it;s Fuck*ng nuts that ... starbucks;... (no shit) actually had the nerve to think...(hey if we can serve coffee we must know how to put together a stones 'rarities' collection!).

(IMHO) ... fuck*ng IDIOTS..

Soo....go west young man .. er..oops....go back to yer bootlegs son... an leave the filth to pick up after themselves

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This wuz sent to me by a good friend...

and since i had such a TREEIBLE NIGHT... aint it a Blody rip that even after ya try EVERYTHING to get out of a mess ... everybody's too busy.. i phoned AA on monday (ok so i aint anony Mouse no more. eh?)
And tried to get into detox LAST WEEK... an aw shit... called everybody an did everything.. brakes gave out on me last night i hit 'em an NOTHING HAPPENED.. apparrently (in their opinion) i blew high so i is in trubble... an F**K man if everone had just GOTTEN OFF THE DA*M POT when i wuz ASKING FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!

so heres a couple fiunny vids if yer life sux as bad as mine rite now

Monday, April 12, 2010


i need help on proper procedure....
LIAR with NO honor needs correctiom.. attack FAMILY!!!!!!

Please PM me so we can talk honest and in person

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OK this aint got nuttin to do with music,, but it's HOTTTT

OK i love hot spicy really hot capicolli use to fill the bill ...but it's (shudder... ) HAM.. no i aint some kosher jew .. although they got their very good reasons for avoiding pork...
It's more... well... have ya ever held a still beating pig heart in yer hand watching the poor thing die on the table cus 'we're physiologically closest to them' and that's what ya learn in med school... it was fuc*ing SICKENING.. an then everyone oller sedd 'wait until ya start yer residency' by oh boy..

Hey ya ever wunner why doctors are such a heartless bunch? goddam it's the MISERABLE HEARTLESS TRAINING everyone suffers.. an god then theres yer 'no sleep for a year ' internship

so i were in the butchers the other day an ran into 'Hot Calabrese Salami' Yeowwwwwww........ it's called "mastro hot calabrese salami" an if ya wan a kick in the pants this is IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just thot ya might wanna know.....