Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This wuz sent to me by a good friend...

and since i had such a TREEIBLE NIGHT... aint it a Blody rip that even after ya try EVERYTHING to get out of a mess ... everybody's too busy.. i phoned AA on monday (ok so i aint anony Mouse no more. eh?)
And tried to get into detox LAST WEEK... an aw shit... called everybody an did everything.. brakes gave out on me last night i hit 'em an NOTHING HAPPENED.. apparrently (in their opinion) i blew high so i is in trubble... an F**K man if everone had just GOTTEN OFF THE DA*M POT when i wuz ASKING FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!

so heres a couple fiunny vids if yer life sux as bad as mine rite now

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