Thursday, April 15, 2010

OMG ! how many toes has i stepped on THIS tyme?

Though countless Rolling Stones zealots contend that the band's most compelling work bubbled to the top prior to 1973, the music department at Starbucks has unearthed a sundry collection of B-sides, live takes and unreleased studio recordings .....Cherry-picking from a selection many times larger than the 14 tracks presented ; accompanying compendium of liner notes and band member comments testify that the Rolling Stones still believe that rock and roll will never die...
(condensed 'amazon customer' notes)

(But here's MY own notes....)
but quote from above "rock and roll will never die" although as bill wymans dick found ... R+R players will! ...i mean ,... god ....ten thousand pre-teenys....accordintg to his OWN NOTES IN HIS BIO !!. frikkn diddler,, HOW CAN I LISSEN TO THE STONES AFTER THAT?

an worse,, it;s Fuck*ng nuts that ... starbucks;... (no shit) actually had the nerve to think...(hey if we can serve coffee we must know how to put together a stones 'rarities' collection!).

(IMHO) ... fuck*ng IDIOTS..

Soo....go west young man .. er..oops....go back to yer bootlegs son... an leave the filth to pick up after themselves

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