Sunday, December 15, 2013

On pickin a new "blues" name:

On pickin a new "blues" name:
By Ano Nymo Use…
The  Ho Use blues band had just finished playing… and...
Ol Sam Hopkins were talking to one of the ol blooz cats at "Peppers" lounge, and he were asked "Hey what you callin youself when you play, boy?" 
   "Why.. Samuel Hopkins… sir.."
"Hey , that just aint no good, boy!. You got to have a bloooz name.. he breathed just mighty slowly..
" Like T-Bone Walker.. or Howlin' Wolf.  An look at ol Muddy here? He gestured over at the lone figure standing at the bar,  who just turned and growled "please don't"  after a disappointingly quiet gig..
"think he wer *born* Muddy?
(a loud yell from the other table shouted "hey his mama say he were from the day he popped outa her" folowed by peals of laughter). I mean, boy, would you go see any blues cat name "McKinley'.. Sam replied forcefully" I don't think sso, sir.. soud like a classical folk aertist to me. More peals of laughter from the table on the corner, to which Mussy turned around "You all fired" "Hey you just done finish firing us last week, and the week before" "Ok y'aint fired . Just no more cracks.. tonight anyways". Muddy turned back to scratchin his head while trying to figure out some contract or another. Word was Peppers was gonna hire him full-time and wanted something on paper..
  "hey I gotta catch te bus here" Sam pointed out hurriedly"
" I just be in the middle of a real important thing for you playing and you just shootin off like lightnin' ? What you want?"
  "OK fine. Call me lightnin' then.. Still gotta go"

"Hey where that young cat you be talking to run off to all like that?"
 "Aw you mean young 'Lightnin' there? had a bus to catch"
 "Be here next jam session?'

 " Yeah"

Friday, December 13, 2013

Amazing what old newspapers used to write!

Unbelievable! The SF chronicle?! stated in 1908 "The woodsheds are still extremely hot, some 700 may not come out where the faggots are still flaming in what shall surely be remembered historically as the great San Francisco fire. "
And in a wee little book I have.. I swear.. you can't make this stuff up.. and these guys didn't have to, it was "already" there i.e. "all ready" there for them!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Philippines disaster just breaks my heart..

And what have these people done, to deserve this? If a Divine judgement indeed is coming, we are all going to be called to account, so it's noyt as if we're going to be spared. but why start out with the poorest people, instead of the monsters in some other parts of the world? I ask myself...
To all the Filipinos,  my prayers are with y'all..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A placque...

Should be self explanatory...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome to Babylon

It occurred to me that I have discovered a "purity of purpose" about the internet, that I hadn't really identified before. Usually, nothing is really all good, or all evil.
 The wordlwide web, however, deserves a prize, though. It has managed to transcend averages, and become absolutely, totally, evil. PURE evil.
 Case in point.  A typical scenario:
While browsing one of these million and a half blogs operated by Google ,where people host commercial programs with "cracks" for free, so they can collect revenue from Google ads, I twice had to click off a "Free pxrn" popup, which was then followed by Russian bikini clad ""Get a Russian chick" ads, which are really operated by Russian mobsters who either ship away a female member of the mob to obtain American access to rob their "marks" blind, or just rip off the martks by mail for the access fees. Clicking past another "free" iPad ad (just send in 99 bucks to "register") was a news article about how the government secretly had installed "mini bombs" in everybody's food so they could knock you off from a distance. Followed by an ad for "Win friends! Influence people" Free witchcraft book  shows you how! (free with every purchase of hypno-tapes)"
 And... more p*rn.. diguised as a "Become rich with this secret nobody tells you" ad.. Good thing I have my safety settings high on my browser.. I would hate to see if I had them off...
 Excuse me while i vomit..

Part 2 later....

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Apparently repeated and abusive threats are "not a violation of community guidelines"

Someone who's YT channel I follow has had hundreds of nasty and threatening posts made to them, and this commenter also targets anyone who leaves comments on the channel that they're attacking. I made the mistake of leaving a comment, and immediately got an abusive reply. Because this person can somehow delete their comments you only ever see them in your inbox. Finally i got a grnuinely threatening one, and *tried* to report to Google..

Here is their reply...
Action Taken
We’re unable to identify a violation of our Community Guidelines within your recent report to our Safety and Abuse Tool.

Copyright © 2013 YouTube, LLC

 It does seem they only give a damn if you upload material they "don't agree" with, but it's perfectly OK to threaten anyone whatsoever as long as you delete your comments after. Having 20 different accounts is OK, apparently too, it seems, such as this person has, always opening a new one to continue the threats .. so if it is for the purposes of threatening others, they seem perfectly OK with multiple phony accounts. There is NO possible way that these names could EVER be confused wiyth "real" names

Google, you are a sham.. and a bunch of hypocrites. Claiming to be against internet harrasment and doing NOTHING when a legitimate case appears

Sunday, September 29, 2013

...It was a dark and stormy night..

OK, it IS a dark and stormy night,,
'Perfect for Vincent Price's Twice Told Tales...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Is Google knowingly profiting from malware?

Lately, when using chrome, and accessing blogger pages containing google monetizing ads, I got a warning that these very ads are malware providers and could "infect my Mac". OK first of all, a PC virus CANNOT infect a mac.. All the HTML mac viruses are accounted for , and protected against, in the latest Apple updates, so it is simply NOT true.
 But, worse than that, Google is responsible for the ads they support on Blogger, and if they KNOW it's a virus hazard, why give a *warning* that their own site (Blogger) is harboring it, instead of FIXING the problem?
 Lastly, this post may not even see the light of day for very long after it's been posted, at least on blogger, as they have been very active latelty in censoring *anything* critical of certain large corporations, certain areas of government, and You Tube comments and posts, and comments on blogs themselves. Since censored items do not leave any trace once removed, it's a very invisible assault on the population. Comments that mention Christianity are often censored as well.
This world has gone to hell....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome to blazing hot New Mexico!

Nuff said!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back online!

It has been hell being without internet for six months..
In the meantime, things have changed.. as soon as I got back online, all the programs updated.. Some were not improvements., iTunes , especially, was ruined..
So bad in fact, that I went on a search or alternate audio players. Never found another cataloging app that didn't suck, but I DID discover a mind blowing player - Audirvana.. I have NEVER heard digital audio this good...I cant get enough.. I am currently listening to all my BB King stuff and it is incredible!