Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome to Babylon

It occurred to me that I have discovered a "purity of purpose" about the internet, that I hadn't really identified before. Usually, nothing is really all good, or all evil.
 The wordlwide web, however, deserves a prize, though. It has managed to transcend averages, and become absolutely, totally, evil. PURE evil.
 Case in point.  A typical scenario:
While browsing one of these million and a half blogs operated by Google ,where people host commercial programs with "cracks" for free, so they can collect revenue from Google ads, I twice had to click off a "Free pxrn" popup, which was then followed by Russian bikini clad ""Get a Russian chick" ads, which are really operated by Russian mobsters who either ship away a female member of the mob to obtain American access to rob their "marks" blind, or just rip off the martks by mail for the access fees. Clicking past another "free" iPad ad (just send in 99 bucks to "register") was a news article about how the government secretly had installed "mini bombs" in everybody's food so they could knock you off from a distance. Followed by an ad for "Win friends! Influence people" Free witchcraft book  shows you how! (free with every purchase of hypno-tapes)"
 And... more p*rn.. diguised as a "Become rich with this secret nobody tells you" ad.. Good thing I have my safety settings high on my browser.. I would hate to see if I had them off...
 Excuse me while i vomit..

Part 2 later....

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