Monday, August 27, 2012

The long lost "The Catch" album HERE!

But it's rare..It was a "World Beat Rock/Reggae/Folk" band in 1993, but for years the master tape of the sessions in the studio have been missing, and finally we found it, and a way to transfer the masters.. so here it is:...  the artwork is also included in archive, but the art posted below is the right size for printing....
Album download links below (Updated with a better hosing provider) :
available in LOSSLESS
and             MP3
It's a good listen, I think.. I'm happy with it, anyways..............

(OK updated notes.. ) when I first met Chris, I was given a demo tape where Paul Horn and Miles Black were backing him up.. basically, he was looking for someone who could play both Paul's flute and Miles's piano, together.. Because I arpeggiate, even when soloing, I had a full sound, but every chance I got, I did Duane Eddy.. Perhaps you cxannot hear it so mich on theis track, but I also was entranced by the echo laden  vocals of some obscure "New Age " tape, A female singer, which I tried to blend with Duale Eddy's low string funk..
There's a hint of it in "Wishing Well"
, but as I add other tracks from the (amazingly productive) 'Catch' studio sessions, you will hear much more..\
 When we first entered the studio, we had a pair of highly road-seasoned vets

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why no places for New Orleaners to go for an emergency?

Unlike before, there aint gonna be no place for people to gather, no superdome, no airport, no nowhere.. so just where are all the destitute, and stranded to go?

I saw a lot of firsthand films about just how nasty Katrina was, and despite the problems, there's a lot of folks alive now that would NOT be without those places of last resort.. so.. are the local authorities F***ing INSANE?..
I do not get it....

Hi Y'all.. Anyone know something about hurricanes?

Hi.. where I live we used to get winds of 80 to 120 Miles per hour, all the time through winter..
I can't tell you how many winteres the power was out for days and days.. we call them "High Gales"..but in the southern USA states, they call them "tropical storms, when they're 30 to 50 MPH, and "hurricanes when they're 80 MPH or higher (I'm not sure of the number).. is there a difference somehow in the storms? I know I saw clips of Katrina on video, and watching it pull roofs off at it's worst it was something fierce, but these were winds of 200 MPH.. At the worst with our high gales a bunch of houses get ruined, and all the trees are knocked over.. Is there a difference inb the way they blow, or something?..
 We used to LOVE tying ourselves to a tree, and watching the waves come over the seawall, when I lived in victoria..
 We have cold water though, not like the gulf..
Any experts out there? what makes a 120 MPH hurricane so more destructive that 120 MPH "high gale"?

Thanks y'all.. Doc

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Hundred and Ninety six Deneros? Holy Sh*t

as I said in the title, holy shit.. see, here is the issue,, I HAD a MINT copy, once, that I sold for , what,. 20 bucks (the whiny dealer said "I have to make money on this and, I will be lucky to get 30$) , well,, first. here is the original email from 911 Canada (who is NOT a bad seller of collectables, *normally*) but holy shit..if they had no customers, perhaps, but clearly they think 200 bux will carry...:

Price Info
AvailabilityLast copy in stock. Order now for shipping on Friday 24th August
Year of Release:1963 - 49 years old
ConditionAll items are at least excellent condition unless we state otherwise so please read our descriptions carefully. We try to source items as close to Mint condition as possible, many will indeed be unplayed and as close to new as you could hope to find. Others may be 'used', however, all will meet our strict grading and are 100% guaranteed.
Shipping CostAdd item to your basket for a quote
Format7" RECORD
Record LabelCapitol
Complete Stock ListThe Beatles or visit our The Beatles collectors store
Catalogue No72125
Genre60s Beat60s Pop60s RockApple labelPOP
Country of OriginCanada Comes from 'Canada'