Monday, August 27, 2012

The long lost "The Catch" album HERE!

But it's rare..It was a "World Beat Rock/Reggae/Folk" band in 1993, but for years the master tape of the sessions in the studio have been missing, and finally we found it, and a way to transfer the masters.. so here it is:...  the artwork is also included in archive, but the art posted below is the right size for printing....
Album download links below (Updated with a better hosing provider) :
available in LOSSLESS
and             MP3
It's a good listen, I think.. I'm happy with it, anyways..............

(OK updated notes.. ) when I first met Chris, I was given a demo tape where Paul Horn and Miles Black were backing him up.. basically, he was looking for someone who could play both Paul's flute and Miles's piano, together.. Because I arpeggiate, even when soloing, I had a full sound, but every chance I got, I did Duane Eddy.. Perhaps you cxannot hear it so mich on theis track, but I also was entranced by the echo laden  vocals of some obscure "New Age " tape, A female singer, which I tried to blend with Duale Eddy's low string funk..
There's a hint of it in "Wishing Well"
, but as I add other tracks from the (amazingly productive) 'Catch' studio sessions, you will hear much more..\
 When we first entered the studio, we had a pair of highly road-seasoned vets

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