Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To stop profiteering off of traders' bootlegs... ROIO Effects. org...

So. you think it's a good idea?. since i know a lot of the roio community tune into here... i thought i'd post my idea here.. the address is open and registrable!  So as a site, not so much 'bad traders' but rather, a public BB for folks selling, say, on Ebay..   ... or in local stores. and ya know, they can be PRIME offenders. ANY ROIO that explicitly sez "DO NOT SELL"
I'm NOT talkin about Silvers like Sea Of Tunes, or Midnite Beat, or such. but any "For Trade Only" type, ya know that say '.er.. 'do not sell or convert to mp3'.. (and hey on that one , why it matters, another post coming...)
See, as much as it might stop the profitteering, it could also keep the labels off our collective bax...
Ya think? or not?
 It'd be a whole shitload of work, i'd bet, so would irt be worth it? Feedback , y'all...pleez..
Forget about it?

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Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

hey nobody got any onions about this?.
.......then i'll let this one pass an let someome else do the dirty work ;)
I got enough shit on my plate already