Tuesday, February 2, 2010


right here.. after a lotta soul searching i decided that just postin my stuff aint goin nowhere , cuz until folks actually hear it, they wouldnt have  a clue.. hey man.. according to Will Cardinal, my bass player for a year as well as being Ronnie Hawkin's old bass player, and Ocean's bassist too "You're a monster, the best guitarist I've ever played with.. you sound like Roy Buchanan"
That's a direct quote.
But nobody's listening to my shit.
........Sooo... i got bootlegs too.. and the BEST quality ones in available...
I'm talking ATM serties for hendrix.....
Unsurpassed Masters amd Time Trip for the Stones, plus a whole lotta Midnight Beat stuff..
and lotrs more soundboard stuff, lots of which i found on the web, but some of which aint NOBODY heard, like an (absolutely UNPUBLISHABLE)  radio interview with mick fleetwood about 'Tusk" and lotsa snide comments about everybody goin getting 'tusked' (i have the reel master, fior instance)..
... but i gotta dig thru some boxes for that kinda stuff.. and i just did a move so it's a challenge..
An of course i also got Beach Boys..
but i aint postin any of that here, i'll let the best dedicated sites like Warnakey, Linear Zap, and Lightman etc deal with that...(i'
Ive already submitted a few to Warnakey's site (Hi Eric!!)
An i got  more of the 'Pinballz ' series.. theyre not just Beach Boys but Jimi , Stones, and 'The Who' also, and man oh man ya wanna talk about quality!!
... That also means i'm gomna list a whole lot more links to other sites.. they're all just as good as Itsjustme 2.0 (that's ol' Dave at Quality Bootz, folks, in case your wunnering), or, or Hear Rock City, or Bootquake, or Collectors Only, and thats saying something, cuz if you haven't visited THOSE sites, you REALLY are missing out..
But if ya dont visit MY site  from now on, you'll be nissin out too....
So There...

Good shit comin soon


Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

I'm glad you are sticking with it man! It's a sad fact that it's so difficult to get any kind of interest round here in original stuff. I am sure you will attract more attention through bootlegs of famous people and slip your own stuff in amongst it. The only problem then is that there is more chance of Big Brother stomping on you.

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

yup big brudder thats the nasty aint it.. i have seeen a lot of sites bite it lately, even tho they were not ofering ANY commercial stuff.. the 'link nasties' did a number on em anyways...
hows this 4 xampl.. one site all it's links got froze for "possible illegal content' an all they was was Hi quality boots that NEVER been released officially..an HERE'S the capper.. i acrtually wuz drinkin with the artist whose stuff wuz bein blocked, so i asked him,an he DIDN'T KNOW NOTHIN about it... so if he didnt make a complaint, who the f%#k did?