Sunday, February 28, 2010

F**k i think i just gone gay...!!!

....i seen a musical .. an i LIKED it ..
Now i use to live on Davie street in vancouver,.,..   an had a lot of 'wild side' gay friends. an beleive me when i say. ya can't have better peoplle as friends.a serious blast . i'm talkin about the 'flamin ' type, natch, that don't hide it at all.
But i aint got a gay bone NEVER liked musicals. an hey the old myth is true, they really do like em... i had a whole wall of em i collected just out of respect for my friends..cuz theyd ask me 2 put em on....
But 'Oliver' . 'the musical' wuz on. an i LOVED it!!!!!
an Ben hur before it. an now Clouseau is on.
damn TCM anyways...

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