Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everybody has a dying wish


Hey i bet even Jeff (when he can pull himself away from his '32 roadsters) always wanted it too
Aint it enuff?

Don't believe I'm right?
Try listening to 'Apache' again.. so go buy a copy then.. Hank and the boys aren't millionaires (although they oughta be rather than "Beyonce")
so thats my 2 bits.. typed on a keyboard wit ha;f the keys no ;onger working

Aint no pay in being good..
and Nibiru is coming in only a few more months.. so then it's all over folks..
.. the end of it all... again ! ...(for the umptieth time)
It's beyond a sad laugh.what a frikking waste of time, and talent, and human endeavour.. over and over again...
It's been worked out that it takes 5000 years for humanity, to recognize the truth, act on it, come to terms with it's inherent violence, grow past it's limitations , and understand the meaning of life, and the cosmos..

But WE ARE ALWAYS WIPED OUT EVERY 3600 YEARS and have to rebuild..
No wonder we're a pathetic unredeemable bunch of neandarthals

Oh.. it occured that maybe some of you ( all three readers of my blog ;-( )
Might not know what i was referring to ..
I HATE to ruin your day (and I mean this sincerely ) but you have to know..

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