Sunday, February 12, 2012

My deepest sympathies to Cissy houston on her personal tragedy..

Unfortunately, the famous Sweet Inspirations singer Cissy Houston hAs been forgotton in this tragedy..I would like to extend my DEEPEST sympathies to her..
My prayers are with you..

With regard to Whitney's death, rumours are circulating about "prescription pill" poisoning.. From my understanding of the symptoms of her death, plus the fact that they were unable to revive her, I suspect, it was Methadone poisoning.
Because that's the big trend among physicians who "treat" entertainers for pain.. except it's got a very low safety margin, and if you overdose on it, your odds of coming out of it are slim to none..
We will see.. but remember, you heard it here first...
Maybe it's stop this insane trend to prescribe Methadone for every little ache..

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