Monday, February 20, 2012

a sign of hope in this trashed world

I fear for Africa worse than other places in the world, really,, when you consider there's the very worst suffering there, and , despite being, in my opinion, the least deserved to suffer, of all the worlds nations..
So I smiled when I saw this... (sorry, no embed code)
You tube video of raised from the dead miracle..

However, in other news...

 There's way less hope for the slimeballs in te west..
Note the screenshot below:

Must be some nasty copyright infringement, or maybe porn? Nope...
Irregardless of whatever religion or faith you believe, you should be VERY worried this is going on.. this is the first solid proof of a video taken off SOLELY due to religious intolerance on the part of GOOGLE
In fact the "Violation" was ONLY a film about a young girl who died for 24 hours, and was shown heaven and hell,by Jesus... and came back to life.. She made this video, and has been giving it away FREE. No copyrightable media has been used in it in any way..
Botom line is, it's proof that DO NO EVIL is a fraud motto of google's..

Here's a site with a working link to the video..

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