Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hold it.. it's... Mister.... Hee Haw?

Yup... it sho' is.. and a finer gittar picker you'll not see.
I'm of course talking about the one & only Mr. Roy Clark..

This album is a really rare Pickwick compilation that has some of his early 60's Capitol instrumentals on it..
I received a request for one of the tracks on it, so i decided to also post the whole LP..
However, i found out while doing it that I am , apparently missing a track.(Let Me Talk To You). i have no idea what happened to it.. but i no  longer have the LP as i lost a few due to fire.. so I can't replace it..
It's possible that if it wasn't an instrumental,  i didn't record it off the album ..but at any rate, its missing, so I've added a bonus track to this rip


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thank you for all