Thursday, January 13, 2011

A real Fireballs Curiosity...

Although this one is listed on the Fireball's website discography pages, there's no information about it.. and it will never see any kind of reissue.. seeing as it only has four lesser known Fireballs songs, and one Jimmy Gilmer curiosity.. and four tracks by an unknown band, the Sugar Shackers.
As to who the Sugar Shackers were is anybody's guess.. near as i could find out, from a friend from New Mexico who wuz there, is they were some kind of 'Pick Up' band that got used as padding on budget labels who didn't have enough rights for a whole album release..
.. This record does have one unique track though, that appears here and NOWHERE else, and that is a unique version of 'True Love Ways' by, at least, Gilmer, and possibly also the Fireballs,.. with full vocal chorus backing..
 I had all the fireballs albums on vinyl, and my copy of this was stone mint.. till it got destroyed by fire.. Glad i took a photo !

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