Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good thing I'm not as dilsylexic (sic) as Windows Vista

Hadda try and read a windows 'Word' format 'doc' ..you'd think that would be a 'cinch' for windows..right?..
Well, here's what it looked like in Vista's wordpad...

and here's what it looks like in 'obsolete' windows '98

good thing i got that 'obsolete' version of windowze. eh? Otherwise i'd never be able to get that app running..and.. oh..any other app more than ten years old.. like most of em..
Well who'd want an old decrepid app you say...
Being old doesn't mean decrepid, at least in software.. and a good pinball game is a good pinball game...
Although i've managed to get almost every pinball game ever released running in Vista, cuz i got 64 bit windows...i can't run any thing with *any* 16 bit code in it.. and that's like, half the windows pinball games ever made in the 1990's..
Couldn't get em to run in VMware either, on XP, Win95, win2000, and WinME..
Come Win98 to the rescue!..
I'll be going into this deeper on my pinball blog.. but for now, i'm not too impressed with the reduced functionality of Vista..
I would have thought the ability to read text would be one of the most *basic* requirements of a computer..
 or don't no boddy reed an rite in the 'cloud' no mo ;-)

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