Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This is a complete 1/16 scale wooden model of a Caterpiller Michigan art studio Woodchuck and Co.

That's right.. it's all made out of wood!
I used to make 1/8 scale model Ferraris and Porsches (sometimes for dealerships), so I know how much work goes into one of these, and even though I sold them for up to $3000 it actually worked out to about $1.50 per hour (so yeah ,I only made a few!)

These guys are selling this one for $35000.. a lot of cash.. but I'd say worth it...

There's enough people these days that can afford it..what with the increasing level of wealth of the top 5%..
It used to be 1% , but what with the new 'cherry picked' version of Adam Smith's policies (y'know.. the Gordon Gekko approach) it's changed.. on the backs of the other 95%, mind you..and who said you can't draw blood from a stone?

oh..pps.. I'll have some new tunes soon.. now my harddrive transfers and new comp tweaking , is done..
Any preferences anyone?
more blues? or bootlegs?

Only out-of-print albums, and quality boots here.. always

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