Thursday, March 1, 2012

Frank Zappa's Favorite movies..

Which were, of course, 'B' movies.. where you an see the runners that the guy under the sheet of the monster's wearing..
Latest installment .. 'Mega Piranha' .. I swear.. it must have cost them way over a hunnert bux to make that movie..
So they resorted to money saving trix. instead of, you know, character development, in the beginning of the movie, they decided to dispense with it altogether.. by putting up big white screens in front of every actor upon their first appearance that said things like "Joe Blow - professional piranha hunter  - likes dark haired wimmen and ice cream" or
"Joe Smith trade secretary, likes booze'.. and 5 minutes later they kill him off ;-)..
Wow...... aint entertainment grand !

A late addition..
I SIMPLY have GOT to add this priceless piece of dialog, early in the movie:

First female researcher: "OMG.. they must be doubling in size every day!"
Other researcher: "No no no.. they're growing exponentially..."

OK an update...
A new addition to the"B" movie 'best of show'.. is


it is unbelievably cheesy.. but the part where Micky Dolenz is eaten by a very LARGE snake.. and all the highball swilling guests of a 'posh' everglades charity event defend themselves from an attack of Mega whatevers by loaded guns they just "happened" to be carrying, has *got* to be the cat's ass..

And oh.. didja get (any onya) into the movie? Get attached to one of the prime characters?. don't hole your breath.. even when the movie is still in the character development stage, they get eaten.. saves on scriptwriter fees, maybe...

Just saying.. IMHO ...
=========== =================== ================= ==========
Wrinkly ole Blonde in miniskirt races into cave carrying 100 pounds of Dyno-mite:..
Rancourous redhead retorts rebelliously.. retracts rebelliousness, qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

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