Saturday, April 28, 2012

OOPS another chinese fell off the dam.. better call hiring services..

We recently had another mill explosion, in BC, where 2 people died.. a significant, tear laden memorial was given yesterday. as well as a yearly memorial to all the people that died 'on the job'.. and one of the most notable comments given by the government minister that presided, was. nobody should die 'on the job'.. I can't help thinking about all the "coolies' that worked on the Revelstoke dam, and all the suspension bridges here.. when one of them fell of the enourmous heights involved, it was almost a joke, like oops.. call hiring..
Where the F8ck was our government then, to say I'm Sorry?
Have they EVER said sorry about the callous treatment on the job?.. since they rounded up all the Japanese into internment camps a few years later, because of WW2, I doubt it......

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