Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our little town has the most progressive TV station in the world!!!

No shit.. maybe it's a mistake.. which is why I haven't written them to say thank you.. but ONE DAY!!!  after I wrote them saying I don't even have a TV anymore, and I would really like if they would do what other TV stations do, and rebroadcast selected TV shows on their website, they changed their website and all day have been airing their channel LIVE!!!!..
 Now, normally, they only run their news live, at 12, 5 and 10 PM..  but I opened up their site ands saw a newly arranged web page with a notice on top " only show live news at 5 and 10.. OK, but normally they have the news you can rerun.. but.. er.. nope.. instead, they were running the 630 news live, and now they're running wheel of fortune..  I don't like that show, but fact is it's LIVE.. and I am so interested to see how far it will go.. at 8 is the original Twilight Zone, then I think "The Supernatural"..
 But HERE'S the clincher.. There are NO other stations, worldwide , currently, that are airing all their TV programming live, on the internet.. and my lil' ole town is the very FIRST!!!!!!!
 Maybe it's because aint no fat cats own the station.. it's owned by it's employees..
 OK, i know in a small town, it is possible for a station to selectively broadcast to individual IP addresses, but I really don't think they have the tech to do this.. and it must be an incredible coincidence that the day after I ask them to air their TV programming on the internet, that they do so (unless John, my old ex's ex, who works there, recognized who I am, and felt generous)..
 I mean, wudda coincidence!!!

 But.. Right now.. WE WERE FIRST TO DO THIS.. EAT DIRT all you other Big City stations ;-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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