Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ok.. this *was* a music blog.. but

 OK I have updated this post.. meaning I have Up DATED this post:...........
 This was so that I can add a really good link for the real diehard Fleetwood Mac fans..
 here's a direct lift from my other blog:

This is an astounding album.. and it is such a shame that it is the only one that has NEVER been reissued on CD. Nor have the two standout tracks on it, one of which is the studio rendition of "World In Harmony". Although other takes have since come out, this is by far the best one.. The second is "Purple Dancer".. and the back story is pretty much the same. Other takes have surfaced.. mostly live however.. but this is the superior one by far. Both of these tracks came out only on singles, until they appeared on this German compilation in 1972..
 I got lucky finding a pristine tape source.. Judge for yourself if you don't think it is the under-appreciated gem that I think it is. As it is out of print in any format, and at this late stage, likely to remain that way, I don't expect many chances to hear it come up...

 Furthermore, i am officially going to add music downloads also, soon.. (no commercially sensitive stuff, but rather, quality bootlegs, and choice unavailable rare tracks.. ) Now,  officially, I am turning this into a "truth and music" blog.. meaning, you are just as likely to get a rock and roll post, "my music" post, a "collectors corner", or a "current events" post..
As a musician myself., the last thing I want to do is cou off someone's meal ticket.. but, if you as a musicvian, see anything here that gets your goat, pleez don't do the official "complaint" BS, JUST ASK ME!!!!! , and I will accede to your request..  OK?
There are people that do complaints for fun, though, which is why I have been hesitant to post before..

 Also, change of subject.. Watching the news today.. TONS of car accidents today from the first rain in half a year.. WOW!
110 millimeters? WHOA..  no rain since May (our really cool lightning st0rm) and our rivers are all dried up.. considering we get ALL our power from Hydroelectric.. also a "strong" wind warning of 110 kph ( everywhere else they call it a hurricane ;-) we cal them "gales"

 That's life on the extreme west coast.. hyuk!

PS WOW it's SNOWING in Australia!!!!! It is almost SUMMER THERE!!!!

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