Saturday, August 22, 2009

No music today..been in geek mode..

just a quik post here...right after i started this windoze peecee got this... 'one of your disks needs to be checked for consistency' ... scasndisk ran for a very much longer time than usual while doing "repairs" ..
Uh huh you guessed it.... unreadable... two and a half TB of #s@8!3aª¶∞s¢∞¶ªºº-N6™∞§¶.
If that weren't bad enough, after a Quicktime update on the mac, it wouldn't load the os, and i lost all my settings (my prefs) and my permissions got all messed up... i have had to re-enter ALL my serial numbers and reg data for E_V_E_R_Y program as it would not read my old ones.. taken over a week to fix all this.. so posts soon , again... but, for now.....

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