Sunday, August 9, 2009

OK first..."The Catch"

As promised.. heres some starters...
This first is called "Red Sunsets" from a band called 'The Catch" frum 15 years ago ... dismantled by a wild tall blond ex-model who caused us a lotta trouble ... but it wuz hot sh*t while it lasted (hey and the band weren't bad either :).
This lineup featured Charlie Wade (Mr. Smooth...) on drums, Will Cardinal on monster bass (Hi Will...) , Chris Sherlock as Rythm Guitar and Main Wordsmith / Singer, and of course Me me me me :) as Riffmaster and Lead Lix...
We walked into the studio and nailed it in almost all first takes.
It never got released however cuz the Catch busted up soon after (to quote Charlie... "You a Good Guitar , mon , but i not gonna be in a bann while your with dat woman!")
Here it is..,.

And , hey, duh... copyright reserved...hey? So don't mess with it...ya can give it away all ya want but we wrote it, ..and officialy it's copyright 1994 Chris Sherlock (hey why do the guys who write the words get all the credit?)

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