Thursday, November 26, 2009

Doc is my REAL name

so im faced with a bit of a dilema.. before the innernut it was easy to be doc rock... but it seems that theres a few i seen now i've been online... now i aint gonna change my name legally...
Firstly Doc is, of course short, like Tom for Thomas.. in my case it's DOminiC.. it stuck cuz of all the pharmacological studies etc etc (hey man if ya know any other pharmacy techs, ask them if THEY ever memorized Goodman's and Gilman's ;-)..
Folks just started calling me doc 'rock' cuz around here there was Doowop Doc, steel guitar Doc, an me.. folks would ask 'are ya singer Doc, country Doc, or Rock Doc? when they met me..
So anyways i wuz bored, and thought i'd clear the air..
That's the story, folks...

boy was that interesting (yeah right...)

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