Thursday, November 12, 2009

The entire security of the net (This affects You and Me!)

A serious note here...
Gone are the days that you had to remember one or two passwords to log in to a couple of sites... these days it's not unusual to have HUNDREDS of different logins and passes (and they SHOULD not all be the same!)
Well, i am sickened by one of the few areas where Apple (yes Apple) DROPS THE FRIKKIN BALL....
ever since i started using Mac OSX... i've had random 'disappearing logins' where i've had to go back and try to remember what the combo was...this DESPITE in safari, camino, etcetc having enabled 'remember'.. this is supposed to be in something called a 'keychain' but they simply disappear.
If the whole move to 'cloud computing' is even gonna work.. this shit CANNOT happen..
Even though OSX is free from malware THAT WE KNOW OF, compared to, say, windows, how is it any less of a security threat if you don't know why your login and passwords are suddenly gone and need to be re-entered from scratch.. how do i know that it isn't because they've been harvested....?
At least with windows the malware is in yer face... and if it's NOT malware then it's INEXCUSABLY bad design from Apple.
When you select 'save this password' it should be locked down in stone... I'm not talking about online cookies here... they seem more reliable, and that is even scarier, that they should work when OSX's own capacity to save these fails...

blame CONDUIT.... apparently every site that has availed itself of its toolbar cannot load login info untul the toolbar has loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And has anyone ever been able to get 'dont show this again' on that toolbar to ever work?
Is there a real security issue here?

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