Friday, September 25, 2009

Bootleg blogs under attack?

I don't mean to worry y'all... but i've been seeing, and have heard from folks who know, that theres things afoot to mess up our boot blogs... Now I don't care about the folks that post hundreds of legit releases and don't even bother to write a single review or comment of any kind... as far as i'm concerned they're just thieves and i have no interest in them.. But those that have genuine reviews, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, the bootleg blogs, are valuable resources, and we, (i'm speaking about most musicians) don't want to lose 'em. We like 'em, we want 'em, we need 'em... See, often, those of us still nailed `to a contract (and i'm NOT!!!!) CAN'T release a lot of this stuff , even if we wanted to... and it's not that we don't like others to hear the inner workings of this stuff, alternate takes, yadda yadda, or that WE don't get inspiration from others also... I'm not sure what to do at this point, and i hope to god I'm wrong, but i thought i'd better pass this on as i heard it.... sorry

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