Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A little disheartinin' ... all 0's for comments, y'all..

i know i'm tryin to get a little more exposure with non-musicians, but even so, it's a slow grind.. especially with so few comments.. i don't have any idea if anyone's out there (insert grand canyon echo sound...). For y'all that haven't heard any of the tunes on here, it doesn't matter, but those that have, and noticed all the players i've known and played with, might be wondering how it is they done never heard of me .... or not... See, it is, i got "The Jinx".. I cant tell ya how many times club owners scratched their heads an said "don't get it..even on a monday with no band we get a full house.. but weren't more than 10 folks here ... and you guys Rocked!". And this even happened in a city while the commonwealth games were being hosted and there was no room on the sidewalks.. So leave a comment if youre so inclined ... Thanks y'all.. gonna post more music now .. no more of this....! Doc
Ps thanks to AOOFC and the Rev Dr.... "ya keep me hangin' on"

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Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Try not to get too downhearted about the lack of response on yer blog mate, I don't get much on mine either. I've done it the hard way too, we once cleared the room of a full house in my home town of Hull a few days before going on the road as a support act and playing to 2000. I take the attitude that I am doing my blog for me and putting up stuff I wrote and recorded many years ago because I believed in it then and I still believe in it now. I post to eternity cos I thought I would be dead a long time ago. Rock on Doc!