Tuesday, March 9, 2010

hey id completely 4 gotten aboot opera

any mac guy nose aboot iCab .... 'crash city'. although i gotta give creds to the fella tha writes it (alex). with NO rewards.. cuz who the Fu*k spends any money on Alex Clauss.. (and wudda fuk*g shame, too, cause he spends SO MUCH time working on this  ABOVE PAR browser)...
See. tho..... i been geting the 'your OS will soon be unsupported' messages lately. cuz im still running Panther.. and , iCab is a little flaky cuz it is ALL THINGS to ALL PEOPLE.. see what im saying is alex's browser is ..er... TOO GOOD.. and actually has probs coping with the modern HTML 365 format B cuz of that (ok so ok it aint quite that high , but it may as well B)  and Opera  is on the button....... see. i think when these folks write these  browsers they r forgetting that ALL WE WANNA DO iz get from there to here........
Point made?

an  hey.. i paid CASH for opera (on beOS)  when it wuz a pay for play browser.. 2... sooo should count 4 summthing

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