Friday, March 19, 2010

Hey .. weird RS messages.... and STAX cassettes

any one know what this means? .."The download link has been manipulated and is therefore not valid"... hadda good albert king link.. replace all my missing sh*t (remember hadda hard drive incident).. use to alluz burn my cd's as a safety factor.. now they're all scratched and UNPLAYABLE due to my slightly drunk 'friends'.. but
I used to have ALL the albert stuff.. not only vinyl.. (on the ORIGINAL Stax label!!!).. but the orig STAX frikkin CASSETTES!!!!!!

IF there is ANYONE OUT THERE has ORIGINAL STAX ALBERT KING (an i mean NOT FANTASY) CASSETTES an willing 2 part with them.. hell .. I'll brownnose ya till im covered in.. well.. you know..
hey i got no prob with fantasy cassettes for havin in my collection, but ORIGINAL stax cassettes...... had 'em sew i know they made em (my albert wuz only 'years gone by' , i wanna get funky' an 'ill play the bluies for you'... i DO NOT even know if stax even printed any other releases on cassette.. id love to even know this too if anyone knows....

an yup.. back into cassette collecting.. OMG you SHOULD have seen my last 2 collections.. ill let U know more later...

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