Friday, March 19, 2010

Opera on the Mac (seriously a GOOD deal!!) an japanese p*rn.... hah ;-)

 i have not been able 2 even edit my 'myspace' or facebook pages lately cuz they wont let me log in with camino... at least  while im running panther (an of course Safari is a write off, seeing as apple aint UD'd it 4 SEVERAL  years,, on panther, anyhoos..... sew.. im cuting tis  short gotta hit the hey  usinng opera now and an satisfied..
about japan p8rn...  hell i didnt even know there WAS such a thing,,,,,,, U all know  i'm half japanese, right?

gotta stop now (ronny knows why ;-)
see y'all


Anonymous said...

hey doc you got some real good stuff going on here keep it up....jake

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Hey F*k Jake ya finally read my blog..for y'all that donn no "jake" is my eastern fren thats alluz there 4 me...couldnt have no fun without him.