Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jimi was ROCK AND ROLL'S answer to STAX, which put the finger to bigotry in the soul world..

soo got another update from wolfgang's vault.. an they had an interesting 'multiple choice' on jimi..
so a litttle link followin'/ and what d'ya think i read , in the New York Times..
an i quote here....

"Amid the rancors of that era Hendrix, like President Obama, was viewed as a figure who transcended race — an achievement for which he was both admired and reviled. Despite a personal and aesthetic style that reveled in his blackness, Hendrix never spoke out on the pressing civil rights issues of the day either in his lyrics or in interviews. His audience was overwhelmingly white. He came of age backing up the likes of Little Richard and the Isley Brothers on the so-called chitlin circuit, but some African-Americans saw him as pandering to white stereotypes of black superstuds and resented his reverence for white artists like Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Eric Clapton. Some white critics and fans, meanwhile, sneered at his showmanship, inherited from likes of Chuck Berry and T-Bone Walker, as silly and unhip. What seemed subversive and provocative coming from someone like Mick Jagger was seen as unacceptable, a little embarrassing really, coming from a black man"
(Copyright  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/28/arts/music/28hendrix.html?scp=1&sq=hendrix%20neptune&st=cse)

soo ...er... fu**ing... ..no
Jimi DID speak out, in his own way...and had EVERY right.. an it wuznt embarrasing at all.. The BOG was a REAL FINE black power statement , just by PUTTIN the band together...
Jimi was ROCK AND ROLL'S answer to STAX, which put the finger to bigotry in the soul world.. and... hey  he were the star of the experience.. a little less so of the BOG where EVERYBODY was a winner 'Everyone's a winner babe' hyuk hyuk

I was just angry is all so my 2 bits...

pps y'all DID know it's Jimi day 2 day.. right... ? i just ain got the tick to buy the 'estate's' new release.. yet.. mebbe 2morrow when i get into town.. wuddya mean mebbe,, OF COURSE!!!!!

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