Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boot Camp x64 is unsupported on this computer model & Doc's EASY fix!

Well aint that a bitch.. it took me TWO days to find out a ridiculously simple fix.. and while searching, i found super complicated fixes like using 'Test compatibility' mode, torrents, patched installers..YIKES!!


Dont! use the SETUP.EXE. that opens up in autorun after you put in the CD.. (& you DID know that Bootcamp is on a windows partition on the MacOSX install CD, didn't you.. i sure didn't ;-)
Shut down that setup program.. open up the CD in explorer and navigate to BOOTCAMP/DRIVERS/APPLE/.. Double click on the program BOOTCAMP64.MSI

and install.

that's it..
now provided you've got a machine that can run Snow Leopard in the first place , and this would be any of the Core 2 Duo machines onwards should then also run 64bit windows..... (Remember, Snow Leopard itself is a 64 bit OS) then your "Cookin with Gas" ...."We are cooking" as John Lee use to love to say......
If this helped LET ME KNOW!!!
I sure don't want anyone else to stress out over this like I did... ;-)

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