Monday, February 21, 2011

On a less flippant note re PC vs Mac

OK ive had some time to compare the two (a Core 2Duo 2.33 GHz PC.. with upgraded video card and Ram)
and an iMac (an 1999 20" intel core 2 duo 2.66 GHz with onboard video and same RAM)

Both have 3 Gigs ram
Both have NVidea G-force graphics

Eventually I will have windows on the Mac also.. but for the moment , the hardware is the most similar thing between the two..
OK first of all.. The new 'Snow Leopard' interface is UGLEEE!

I remember when OSX first came out.. with the rendering on the screen and the gui design (and remember i'm a (sorta) acclaimed gui designer myself.. i know my stuff in other words..

When OSX first came out , with it's Scaleable vector graphics* like interface,(quartz) and translucent shading, it was a sensation..

the clarity was something to behold...
And the interface design was clean and well thought out.

and then you had Win2000 with "use high color icons' and 'use large icons' as an 'option'.. and you knew that if yuou picked the latter, all the warts of an enlarged bitmap would be there for all to see..

Now i have to say that when the 'Chicago' beta (win 95 beta) first first came out, i was (am still am ) taken by the shading of the 3d interface.. in fact the original win95 interface is still one of my all time faves...

it lost something in transition to win 2000...
And XP was uglee !! at least in its moldy green default (the silver was a bit better4)
And boy was it a scteen real estate waster..
and that start menu i just hated it!!
Luckily it had the option to go for classic style
..............And meanwhile there was the 'lickable' Mac OSX screen...

OK.... let's fast forward a decade, shall we?

So what do we have today?
Well, the MacOS has moved forward a whole 5 generations..
to 'Snow Leopard'

and Windows has hit an (admittedly attractive) bump in the road with Vista, and swiftly moved on to no.7..
OK for purposes of this tome, i will refer to Win7 and Vista both as 'Vista' , simply 'cuz that's what i got..........after all they both look the same

Well.. ok.. i got a mac.. an iMac intel Core2 Duo 1999 .. got snow leopard on it.. first thing i noticed was.. it's bland..
soo ok, i got a licence fort shapeshifter , sfter all, all my guis were also shapeshifter compatible..
OOps.. no 10.6 support.. and apparently my licence for 10.3.9 woulda been no good anyways..
Themechanger aint gonna work.. and i shudder at the ungtodly amount of work updating my GUIs for 10.6 woulda been anyways, if it did....
.. soo it looks like i'm stuck with that dirty aluminum, 'needs a damp cloth' off white combo that apple seems to think has appeal (now.. Emma has a 'PEEL' , an orange has a peel, but an apple interface, today, DONT have a peal.. IMHO)

Well, OK that kewl HUGE monitor that comes as part of them '09 iMacs sure brings out the colors , don't it? they look preytty nice too, and if you just went by the 'about this mac' that tells you you're running millions of colors, heck ya'd even believe it..
unless you turn to ANY technology publication, or 'lowendmac' or any site that has the straight goods on these.. apparentreey. chinese factory that not want to roose money make screen for apple but only make 20,000 colors.. hey maybe american not notice.. apple say happy fresh with sunny choice decision.. especially if make system profirer say millions of colors!!!!
aw shit..well OK... if it runs good , so what's the hay, i say?

remember a 'star trek TNG episode' with the pakllets..
'We take things ..jordie make things work'

well apple 'make things' NVidia 'make things work'

with 'shared Ram' for video
soo OK no video games.. didn't plan on using the iMac as a hi-end gaming machine anyways (but better work for my pinballs!!)

.. but 250 megs is piss poor for VRAM anyways these days.. did they really HAVE to steal it from the system RAM instead of adding at least a tiny dedicated strip? (it's the 9400M in case anyone cares)

hey B4 i go further gonna make a grill cheese for dinner .. gotta eat.. and apparently a overclocked intel chip make a good cheez burner.. which brings me to mah PeeCee, y'all

.after ah eat.. we'll git to part 2...............
tada 4 now................

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