Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Emperor Has NO CLOTHES (yes that's YOU, Mr Gates!)

So, i've had enough time now to evaluate Vista.. and i am STUNNED that a fraud like this was EVER let out into the public..
Whadya mean.. fraud?
Well this is why..
First, and foremost, is that obnoxious UAC (User Account Control)
that asks you to CLICK through OKs,  as if that were security..
Yes virginia, that's right... CLICK THROUGH.. the kind of thing that KEYLOGGERS were just MADE for.
So, is it secure? Yup, if your an administrator.. it's completely secure FROM YOU..
It doesn't seem to matter if you set all the permissions to Full Control.. try deleting a folder , even logged in as Administrator.. forget it!!!
UAC will happily download a virus though as it can't tell the difference between it and a regular file, but if it's a key mapper that can just click OK,  just like YOU are asked to do to "BE SECURE" ..your SCREWED.
On a mac you actually have to FILL OUT A PASSWORD.....(!)

But that's Ok i hear, as long as it works well..
er no... even on service pack 2.. i get errors , and crashes on 6 to 7 out of every 10 apps ( well games, actually)..
Not old ones either, although it doesn't seem to matter how old the game is.. The compatibility mode is USELESS... 90 % of my apps are Busted, and won't run.. I've installed Virtual PC to run my windows apps, because they won't run natively, JUST LIKE ON A MAC.

and it's Slooooow.. even a fresh OEM install.. i couldn't believe that a slow computer like that was acceptable to sell in the first place.... and i did a FRESH  install from the backup partition.. just like it was when it as new...

GRRRRRRRR i'm gonna go break something now children

see you when they let me out of HELL........... (Aka VISTA)..
brrr Scary children!

ps I'd like to add that I don't DARE try windows 7.. i've been so BADLY BURNED by M$ on this that i'll never believe a word they say about any of their stuff again ...

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Anonymous said...

yeah, vista was a hog for memory. i had some problems with it, but nothing like you're dealing with. i have Win7 on my "new" computer (a year and half old) and no real issues, but then, i don't do games on mine. Hope you get a set-up (or computer) that works for ya. Nothing more frustrating than a computer that comes close to being evil.