Thursday, February 24, 2011

In case you've womdered why I've posted no music...

It's all on my G4's 3 Hard drives .. until i find some kind of firewire enclosure for my drives i can't really get at 'em..
Hey it's not like an iMac has room .. (hey where did they stick the computer in em anyways
No kidding.. the LCD monitor i've been using for my G4 and the PC, is deeper than the whole iMac..

Frankly I can't say it was a pleasant experience on the G4 Mirror door... for a 1.25 GHz chip was slow , i got the spinning beach ball ALL the frikkin's supposed to have Gigabit Ethernet but you'd never know it by it's online performance... it was entirely incapable of handling heavy work loads.. it's USB bus is EMBARRASSINGLY slow .. it took me 2 DAYS to back up a 500 gig drive, on the iMac USB bus it took 2 Hours!!

And it would get kernel panics anytime it got hot.. which was ALL THE TIME.. I got so sick of spending 2 hours on a piece of photoshop work, only to lose it all (yes I know save save save, but when your deep into it.. and you end up cluttering your drive with hundreds of megs worth of temporary files..)
...and.. the piece of frikkin resistance.. it is a jet taking off.. all the time..
I was intitially right against the switch to the intel chip.. as it would make all the mac applications in existence worthless and unusable.. but ultimately it was the power PC itself that warmed me to the intel chip.. my imac Core 2 Duo seems to not even break a sweat even with ten apps two games and two browsers running (not my usual, incidentally.. and after it's got it's full 8 gigs of RAM i expect it should run sweet.. and it runs both Snow Leopard and Vista just fine and perky..

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