Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aero on a mac? at least with Chrome...

OK this is *seriously* funky, y'all..take a look at this screenshot..

Only works on the Google Chrome browser though.. that the no theming apps run on OSX Snow Leopard it's hard to find GUI mods now any little thing helps..

As i saw a ' typical 19 year old apple user type' say on a you tube video "Macs aren't really that cool to theme and all compared to Windows'

Steve are you listening? what have you done?  I think the mac guy with the jeans went and joined the army (now).... (oh god now that status quo thing's running through my head..'in the army... now')

Oh pps if you wanna give it a go (i dont know if the one guy that visits this blog uses a mac, actually)
it's here

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