Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Theming theming theming

Well, while waiting for all my audio files to be transferred to a new hard drive ( on USB 1.1 !) which will likely take the rest of the week and week-end, i've been taking my new iMac thu it's paces..
I have a dual boot setup.. with Vista on one drive and Snow leopard on the other..
 first impressions..
Vista is buggy, but that's not news.. that it's blindingly fast on my system IS, at least to me. Safari runs better on vista than it's ever run on the Mac OS, and it seems faster than chrome or opera too...

Snow leopard, though, comparatively, is sloooow..
it can take upwards of ten seconds to load or start up an app.. sometimes i got to check that i did dbl click the icon, but i know i have because of the spinning beach ball that goes forever..
The apps are slow... except for the windows ones inside of a virtual box (for win2K or XP) or shapeshifter (for OS9) window..
I've never seen emulation run this fast lemme tell ya..
And OS9  in Shapeshifter emulation is waaaay faster than it is natively on my G4 mirror door..
I bought the G4 originally because i had a lot of classixc apps and games that couldn't be replaced with OSX versions - they just never ported them.. and it runs os9 at a decent clip.. but nothing NEAR what  OS9 runs in emulation on the iMac..
Used to be.. emulation was SLOWER than native...!

and Snow Leopard is darned DRAB..
When OSX first came out everyone raved aboot the 'lickable' interface.. 
with it's tastefully designed interface , and it's semi translucent look to the finder .. slowly as each version came

out it got more of a metal look
and with snow leopard it's just bland grey

All these shots are from Nathan's Toasty tech Gui Gallery, Highly recommended to visit there, I've been visiting his site for ten years now.. and you've just gotta  love his "IE is EVIL' theme music..

So unfortunately for me now, all the theming apps that used to run on OSX are broken.. not even shapeshifter (the theming app, not the OS9 emulator) has been updated for snow leopard. Considering that  Snow Leopard is already 2 years old and STILL there isn't a SINGLE theming app for it, and only ONE installable  theme (crystal clear) that at least for me, is barely usable as it slows the system down awfully bad.. i think that the days are over.. at least I've got a clear menu bar.. i had to do the hack myself as crystal clear simply couldn't do it (but at least it stayed then after i uninstalled CC) CC was able to add a white font to the menus, which i havent been able to do without it...(sigh)

Well... here's an improvement.. why is nothing ever easy though?

and below we have proof that windows is justr soo much easier to tweak.. if the folks over at Apple aren't paying attention to the ball, they're gonna drop it.. for the first time ,, well.. ever.. i have to say.. and i would never have said this 15 years ago.. the Windows OS wins out.. it'MUCH faster, more attractive, more tweakable, has more options, and it's stable.. and i have not had a single virus issue..in over a month.. not ONE.. despite being on line for HOURS all over..natch i've got an AV but even so...

O...OK ..update..
I did say just above  about windows and ...er... stable.. well, scratch that part.. 64Bit vista is buggy as hell.. It IS fast though.. compared to snow leopard.. 3 times as responsive..
on an Apple computer, Windows runs faster
Really.. so let the guy in jeans and loafers
chew on that..
So, what's the difference between an intel core 2 duo PC with nVidea graphics and 20" monitor, running windows, and an apple intel core 2 duo with identical nVidea graphics and 20' monitor, running windows..

well, that apple has 20,000 colors maximum.. although you's never hear the company admit it. because 'it looks fine, so what's the difference'
And besides, the card is set to millions of colors, so even if the monitor on the imac can't display it, nobody'll notice..


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