Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grrrrrr i havent been this angry since i had to use red hat 3

Everything just works?? An attractive OS ..
Whatta pile of unqualified BULLSHIT..


If you're a mac user Avoid Snow Leopard like the frikkin PLAGUE..
God wudda piece of useless unfriendly and everything broken innit JUNK...


I never thought the day would arrive.. but it has..
and Apple KNEW it..all the time..
It's (Snow Leopard) their way of sayingh we dont give a shit about you desktop users anymore.. unless you get one of out mobile devices you don't count..


Don't believe me?
Well.. how's about this..
First is the unprecedented 80% drop in price .. can you imagine what a message M$ would be sending if their new windows was 30 bucks instead of 200$..

OK so Apple 's saying that there's no new features in this version of the Mac OS..
So why release it at all?
..oh i see.. so folks can get used to the fact that nothing works anymore and buy all new apps..
to make it easier on Apple for the release of "Lion"

OK so was it a good deal?
Nope.. (IMHO)
at least not to all the developers that were left out in the cold..
I had NO IDEA that HUNDREDS of developers that had written new apps for Leopard had been locked out.. making their BRAND NEW and necessary applications, ones that REPLACED all the "not compatible with intel" apps that everybody had used before.. but making them obsolete imnmediately..
I can't believe how many developers have closed their doors due to snow leopard..
I'm too angry to list them now but they're there.. try to find a theming app for 10.6 and you'll notice all the sites are down

more later....

ya know what..? i'm just gonna sell my copy and revert to 10.5.8

I hate reinstalls but better suffer short term pain hthan...

Anybody wanna copy of SL? ;-)

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