Monday, June 18, 2012

A comment on the news..

The whole Zimmerman thing.. I was watching the news, and.. wow.. look, I don't know if he pulled the trigger in anger, if he was racially motivated, or whatever.. certainly.. IF justice is properly served, all will out.. especially considering this is all happening during the untimely passing of Mr Rodney King.. But look man.. I don't care how much you might hate the guy (Zimmerman).. look.. broadcasting his jailhouse conversations where he's discussing how to PROTECT his family during this whole affair.. is crossing the frikin' line...
  I can't complain to CBS news, which is the one that aired this story.. or do anything about it at all.. but I have a blog.. and anyone who follows this blog will know how strongly I feel about racial equality.. but sometimes you have to stand up for the other guy, even if he *might* be (or not, frankly i don't know if he is or not) a bigot....

CBS crossed the line in fair play rules by airing this conversation;mostpopvideo

 "Zimmerman urges wife to get bulletproof vest"

Hey y'know what.. if i were him, I'd do the same!.. Especially in america, where every vengeful vigilante could be packing.. i mean hey GZ should know, he was.. and that's what landed him in this predi8cament in the first place (never mind having deprived Mr Martin's family also!)

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