Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We do not live in a Vacuum

... and because of this, we should ALWAYS care what is happening to our brothers and sisters, even across to the other side of the world.. Well, it seems that now that the Iraq1 war is FINALLY winding down, the severely harshest elements in their government are ALREADY clamping down with draconian and repressive legislatiobn that definitely demands life imprisonment, and possibly even the death penalty, for copyright infringement, and, or violation of any proposed law now being considered in their "Information Technology Crimes Act," HERE is their local rebuttal of this, and the implications are CHILLING.. Hey look y'all, i think the Iraqis have suffered ENOUGH over the last 30 years.. Perhaps we should be speaking out against this repressive law, by contacting our MPs (in Canada and the UK) or representatives (in the USA) to twist the arm of those Iraqi legislators into doing better by their citizens!!!

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