Sunday, June 17, 2012

Take care of your cat!!!

So.. just a thought.. and well, where else am I going to place this, but here?
You might have guessed, seeing as my Avatar is "Puddytat" and hey that's really her name...
but feeding Kitty is not as simple as stuffing food in a bowl every day..

  I warm up every can, so that she gets the same thing as a lion gets, when doing a fresh kill..
So yeah, I know it sux, that in order to feed one animal, another has to die.. I can't for the life of me, understand how God has this worked out, except that maybe animals have the Holy Spirit already in them ( and after all, they don't have reason or self-awareness). so I figure after death, whatessence they have simply returns to God...
There are many other belief systems that concur with this, incidentally, including the Native American ones (which is why they thank the great Spirit for the soul of their hunt).. , and of course, all Eastern religions.. It seems that it's only the western Christian religions that simply have neglected to consider the fate of the animals. which is actually quite surprising, when you consider that some of our greatest saints, such as Saint Francis, were really into our wildlife. I mean. the story goes, that Saint Francis only needed to extend his arms, and ALL the birds in the village would alight on them!!!..
Now is that ever so cool, or what???
Go Figure......

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