Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Gonna Learn Y'all Some Truth here .. in the Blooz

Yup... lesson number 1 git out yer notebooks an yer shot glasses now..
pour a stiff one an take notes..
... Got ICE in yer stiff one? No? Really? Well....
Here's Some ICE for y'all!!

Albert Collins shows y'all How it's done..

So now yer all learnin here...
This lesson aint just Albert (although he's the undisputable star of this gig..)
But i want ya yto listen to the rythm section... to hear how it's done when it's done RIGHT..
First .. The Bass.. as a former bassist I can tell ya that he's NAILED it.. the tone is right, with just the right amount of pre-amp buffer, for a little bite.
His timing is glued to the drums, in particular the kick...
He has all the triplets in exactly the right places, and i think he may even have a dropped D for that extra low punch (or maybe a 5 sting with a low B, if anyone knows help me out here!)
The drums are pretty obvious what he's doin.. just enough an no more!
The hammond (sounds like a B3) has nice fat chords, filling but not fattening!
And the horns coulda been on any stax record (and Stax is an advanced education all of it's own!)
... Nuff said!
... i have only one thing to say about the new Beatles remasters...
..wuz the past remaster 'Past Masters' remastered, or wuz the Past Masters remaster a Master remaster?

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