Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So now there's only 2 posts per page... ( maybe 3...)

Your gonna have to dig in the 'older posts' link to see what's come before (Highly recommended!)
This is so as to make everything load as quickly as possible .. I hate sluggish internet, and sluggish computers...
We're still in the tech dark ages, ya know...

In only 20 years .. the concept of 'waiting for a page to load' will seem ludicrous.. as will the concept of computer errors .. but this will require the obsolete silicon chip to go the way of the dinosaur .. light storage and tachyon based circuitry will finally solve the problem..
and as far as dinosaurs... i wont even get into the PR hassle caused by the succesful cloning of Tyrannosaurus REX :)..
p.s. if ya got an old IBM 5100, pack it carefully away and keep it safe... someone's coming back for it (has a useful tech advantage nonexistent in the 2060s)
... just a sideways spin for y'all while i wait for the moving van to get everything into my new digs...

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